I decided to start a new category “Ramble” to store more personal reflections about myself and the world around me. When I first started writing on Blabber, I did not plan to write about myself at all. I wanted to limit the writing to about public events, issues, and films because I didn’t feel comfortable exposing my personal self to the public. Until roughly the end of senior year in high school, I was actively writing in a private blog space about personal feelings, though, more often than not, I just complained about the things that made me angry. At that time I found venting my anger this way very relieving, especially because I made it a rule to not go back and read those posts. Once something’s written, the entire business is over and I put those angry feelings behind me forever. Fortunately, college kept me busy and dorm life away from home eliminated the domestic frictions that were often the sources of my unhappiness. I no longer spend hours writing about fights and dramas while crying and feeling enormous self-pity and self-righteousness. I then started this blog to write about the “more serious” stuff, but it became obvious to me that mature reflections of myself is just as serious as anything else I’ve written here. I am, therefore, starting a new journey of introspection. Let’s hope there be no more angry rambling.