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Yesterday, the New York Times released a story about Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to ban selling large-sized “sugary drinks” to fight obesity. This plan sounds so ridiculous to me that I’m sure if someone thought hard enough, he/she can come up with a conspiracy theory of government-business complex (though the plan appears to be against big businesses, it will just make the conspiracy theory sound even more fascinating). The reason why I think it’s ridiculous is that this type of plan only remediates the symptoms but not the root of the problem of obesity. The mere presence of junk foods, of which “sugary drinks” are only a small part, does have a role in obesity, but the primary culprit is ignorance and the lack of awareness in both children and adults, including the parents.

Bloomberg’s plan reminds me of a ban that was imposed in my high school during my junior year. In the past, Read the rest of this entry »

In what I consider one of the most visionary talks in a long while, Columbia professor Brian Greene gave a pithy 20-minute presentation about the possibility of multiverse, or multiple universes, and its implications. I’ve never even taken physics, so I’m not going to embarrass myself here trying to explain string theory–you can get a for-dummies version from Brian Greene in the TED talk video or here.

The talk is great not because Greene presented what the mysteries of physical science mean for the possibility of multiverse; Read the rest of this entry »